About Us

We are the Next EXIT - the most complete USA Interstate Highway Guide ever printed! We've captured, organized and listed the services you'll need while driving the USA Interstate Highways such as gas, food, hotels, camping, shopping and more - this remarkable guide contains essential services located at every exit, on every USA Interstate Highway in the lower 48 United States! 

Now you might be wondering; How did you do that?

Well, for 30+ years we've driven ONE MILLION MILES and counting to bring you the Next EXIT, the most complete and accurate listing of essential U.S. Interstate Highway exit services available. Updated yearly, our guide is a true labor of love to help folks like you reach their destinations safely and with less stress.

Armed with our guide, we hope you'll easily find the services you need while traveling on US Interstate Highways. Now you can know what's down the road before you get there, plan better pit stops, and never take the wrong exit again with the Next EXIT.

How many times have you passed an exit on the interstate highway, only to realize that you missed that gas station you were looking for? Have you taken the wrong exit, only to be disappointed at the selection of services there? Have you settled for a substandard motel or used the restroom in a less than desirable location? Developed for over three decades, and updated yearly, this “Exit Bible” puts the power in your hands.

Now you might be wondering; WHY did you do that?

To answer that question we need to go all the way back to the beginning.

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